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In 2020 HIFN coordinated a national collaboration of NHS Trusts to perform an audit of excessive weight loss in the early weeks of life - with the aim of helping individual Trusts to benchmark their performance. As this coincided with the Covid-19 pandemic, we could also use this data to look at whether the pandemic was associated with any changes in rates of excessive weight loss and dehydration.

With thanks to the Hillingdon Hospitals NHS Trust, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust, West Middlesex Hospital, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust, St Georges University Hospital NHS Trust, Plymouth Hospital NHS Trust, Taunton & Somerset NHS Trust, Suzanne Mcallister, Emily Todd, Dieudonne Birahinduka, Laura de Rooy, Kate Westwood, Elizabeth Gunn and all the other NHS Trusts and staff submitting data who did not explicitly give permission to be named.

The criteria for the audit are described on this legacy page.

The full results of the audit can be downloaded here.

Here is an academic poster summarising the results:

RCPCH poster2.png
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