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The Australian resource for doctors, "LactaMap" is a very comprehensive

website covering a range of topics

Covid-19 resources


  • RCPCH guidance

  • Information from Unicef UK Baby Friendly Initiative


  • Bliss statement on parental access in the neonatal unit during the pandemic

Journal articles and blogs for health professionals


  • Free electronic textbook hosted by the World Breastfeeding Trends Initiative

  • Recent UK textbook for medical professionals, edited by Amy Brown and Wendy Jones

General breastfeeding information

Specific resources relating to families of colour

Although breastfeeding rates in the UK are actually higher in mothers from Black and Ethnic Minority groups than White mothers (in contrast to the USA), BAME people still face racism and discrimination in the way they are treated by healthcare professionals, along with worse maternal and infant health outcomes. Breastfeeding support systems in the UK are often dominated by white women. These resources help explore some of these factors:

  • A blog on how race and infant feeding interact in the UK from the NCT

  • Some stories from breastfeeding UK people of colour

  • The American organisation ROSE (Reaching Our Sisters Everywhere) hosts stories and a you can download a large piece of research related to breastfeeding in African American communities

  • The partner organisation ROBE (Reaching our Brothers Everywhere) reaches out to fathers of colour on how and why to support breastfeeding

  • Black Women Do Breastfeed - "making the community of black breastfeeding women visible". This website particularly shared people's stories, although it hasn't been updated recently

Specific resources relating to LGBTQI families

HIFN understands that the use of the words mother, woman and breastfeeding in other places in the website can be exclusionary for lactating people who do not identify as female and we apologise for this. As much as possible alternative terms have been used

  • Research into the experiences of transgender parents is an emerging area

  • Simple explanation of breastfeeding, chestfeeding and nursing for transgender and non-binary parents, from La Leche League International

  • Jenna's breastfeeding journey - trans motherhood

  • Podcast series 'Breastfeeding Outside the Box', presenting a variety of lactation experiences for LGBTQI families, and how to support and advise them

Please note, there is very little research into the safety of lactation for the infant when the parent is taking sex steroids. There is also very little research on the constituents of milk where lactation has been induced without birthing. Health care professionals should be aware of the variety of lactation experiences that parents may be interested to explore, and ready to discuss with parents the risk/benefit in an area with very little evidence available.

Infant formula

Specific medical conditions


NICE Guidance specifies that prescribers should consult specialist services rather than relying on the BNF

  • UK Drugs in Lactation advisory service gives high quality lactation-specific information on each drug individually, and provides general topic question and answer sheets. Health professionals can contact them to ask specific questions

  • LactMed is a searchable database of medications from the US National Library of Medicine

  • The Breastfeeding Network fact sheets on common specific medications

Allied Health Professionals

  • RCN guidance on breastfeeding on children's wards and departments

Medical Students

  • A website designed by and for medical students on breastfeeding

Posters and flyers promoting breastfeeding

HIFN resources available for download

See separate pages for downloadable posters related to medication in lactation and general health professional education

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