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These posters were designed for Breastfeeding Celebration Week in 2019, but could be used at any time for staff education in hospital settings. Please note that the 'Why human milk' poster on the right applies to premature babies, and the 'Why human milk' poster on the left applies to term babies. Although all the posters are targeted at health professionals rather than the public, It is particularly recommended that the 'Why human milk' posters would not be seen by families directly, as those who are finding breastfeeding difficult are likely to find these messages unhelpful. Click on the images to download (recommend printing as A3), or join our Facebook group.

These posters preceded our commitment to additive language described at the bottom of the page.

Why human milk for term babies
Breastfeeding is not just nutrition
Breastfeeding when Mum is in hospital
breastfeeding problems
Why human milk for preterm babies
What is normal in breastfeeding
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